Club Social - Modelez

Club Social crackers had a flat image that wasn’t connecting with their consumers. The brand needed a bold and brazen campaign to launch its new Nachos flavour.

More than a brand experience, we had created storytelling that mixed strategies such as film, digital, sales promotion and events that have changed the way people started to think, feel and act about the brand.

To leverage sales and engage the audience, we launched a sales promotion on retail, and we transformed six influencers (comedians, television hosts and Big Brother contestants) into Mexican wrestlers.

While the "wrestlers" were sharing their promotional films and baiting each other on social media, the consumers should vote whom they would see in a wrestling match.

MORE THAN R$ 1.290.000,00 on earned media.

INCREASED OF 128% on traffic on Facebook brand's channel.

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE attended the final match.

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