Club Social - Mondelez

A strategy to overcome a trade problem – the consumer of Club Social cracker, is young and trendy. However, their moms, the product buyers, doesn’t connect with the brand's communication.

So, to convince moms to buy the product, we've created a sales promotion called Mesada Unmistakable, a creative which spoke with moms and kids. (“Mesada” is pocket money, monthly cash given by the parents to his kids). Ten raffled youngsters would win one year of a generous “Mesada”. 

In a cross-media initiative to increase brand awareness, the participants also would compete for a half-million prize in cash on a famous TV Game Show watched by all Brazilian families.

SALES INCREASED BY 11% - a record at Mondelez.

11.5 MILLION PEOPLE subscribed to the promotion.

TV ADS CANCELLED because of the success of sales.

Visual Concept Approved